Domex's Professional Progress

Domex is a well-established knowledge management and information processing company with a 22 year track record in servicing national and international customers. We have been a pioneer in researching & compiling usable information on 25 key sectors of Indian economy and industry and have significant expertise in business research, industrial market research, trade fair liaison, management consultancy, business publishing and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Domex Technical History

Domex has been a successful KPO and BPO with global clients. We are also providing customized software / solutions for :

  • Psychometric & Aptitude testing to HR departments companies to evaluate their personnel and recruits ;
  • The logistics industry and ;
  • For personnel involved in marketing / sales of capital equipment, industrial machinery, industrial components & spares.

Domex currently has about 100 employees (business analysts, market researchers, journalists / writers, software programmers, economists and numerous subject specialists) at its multiple location production centers at Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore.

Earlier in the year 2010, Domex successfully hived off its 350 employee science & technology information processing business to another prominent scientific information processing company. Domex has had a wide customer base spread over UK, USA, Japan and EU.