Salient Features


CapexBD is web-based multi-location model. Data can be entered by the staff while sitting in the branch offices.

Upload Domex’s New Projects Information

If you subscribe to any Domex’s New Projects Information Services , CapexBD has facility to upload it directly in the database. There is no need to key in those projects.

Sailent Feature

Report Settings

This facility is available for all types of reports, analyses, trackings, mail-merge, email-merge and labels. It allows you to try out different combinations of options to serve specific objectives you have in your mind.

The most important aspect of “SETTING” is that, data appearing in the drop-down list come from project related files and not from the master database. This generates the choicest reports without undesired entries.

On Line Updation

Once a record with its short name / description is entered in the master data, you need not key-in the same anywhere in further stages of data entry. It should necessarily be selected from the drop-down list. If it is not entered, you don’t have to stop the data entry. There is facility to enter the same.

Multiple Column Sorting

This feature helps you study data and reach a particular record for data entry. You can click on the columns of your choice. The data grid gets sorted on the columns in the sequence of clicks.