What is CapexBD ?

CapexBD is a business planning and marketing tool for standard capital equipment. Major portion of the turnover of organizations manufacturing these equipment comes from turnkey projects. Due to various reasons, it is difficult to forecast business for the next 3-4 years.

CapexBD serves precisely this purpose, besides, presenting data leading sales and marketing staff directly to action points. Importantly, it is an integral part of company’s routine operations and is flexible to absorb the changes in the market.

Below here is the summary of the activities involved in their implementation of a turnkey project.

  • The promoter - ultimate owner of the project - drafts a scheme for setting up a manufacturing facility for certain product. A technical consultant is appointed for engineering services such as technology transfer, selection of equipment, identifying vendors/contractors, site supervision, etc. Based on recommendations of the consultant, contract for construction of the plant is awarded to a contractor on turn-key basis who procures the equipment from the manufacturers approved by the consultant and puts them together at site. Many a times the work is split into different packages. The promoter places the orders directly on the sub-contractors.
  • After construction, erection and successful commissioning, the project is handed over to the promoter.
  • You - the equipment manufacturer - have to follow these developments closely and collect, compile and utilize the information for taking decisions and further planning.
  • Preliminary spadework involves finding out potential for each equipment required in all packages in that project, ensuring consultant’s approval, securing enquiries the purchaser - be it the promoter or the contractor – besides keeping watch on competitors’ activities. This involves a lot of co-ordination within and outside of organization.
  • Little extra efforts can ensure that specifications are in your favor, competition is marginalized and the purchaser - be it the promoter or the contractor – is inclined to placing the order on you...

…then follows the routine procurement process.

That is what CapexBD is meant for – pre-enquiry activities which improve the chances of order. But that is not the sole purpose of using CapexBD . It keeps track of developments and presents data for routing activity planning. Over the period history becomes knowledge. CapexBD presents this history for future planning.